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Perfectly aligned Tea Plantations in the majestic Western Ghats

Stretched from Gujrat to the southernmost tip of India, the Western-Ghats form an epicentre of flora and fauna. Out of all the marvellous produce, the inviting aroma of tea plantations encapsulates our taste buds forever. For anyone visiting the Western Ghats bringing home some of the best tea products is a mandatory ritual. Accura, the wholesale tea and coffee suppliers in Kerala, also thrive on these luscious plantations on the Western Ghats.


Adulterations in the Tea Industry

From the aromatic, soothing flavours of tea and tea products in Kerala, we have also faced the era of adulterations. We stated earlier that anybody visiting the Western Ghats must bring some of the best tea products. However, the prominent reason for this ritual is the adulterer product received through the wholesale tea and coffee suppliers in Kerala, India.

Use of impurities such as Prussian blue, Indigo, Graphite, Gypsum, and Soapstone is increasingly popular eve among the best tea products in Kerala. There are stringent laws against this deed, but since products such as Prussian blue and Indigo are non-toxic, the rules remain unexplored.

However, Accura, the best tea and coffee exporters in Kerala, is here to control the damage through chemical-free products sourced directly from the Western Ghats.

Why Accura among the best Tea and Coffee exporters in Kerala

As the adulteration in the wholesale tea and coffee suppliers in Kerala, India, rises, Accura comes forth with a difference. Here is what Accura serves you with-

  • Chemical Free Products
  • Accura hates adulterations and doesn't sabotage the natural flavour of tea, coffee and spices. We insist on delivering the fresh flavours direct to your kitchen and strive towards the same.

    Around 95% of Accura Tea and Tea products are now certified organic and the company offers both loose leaf tea and tea in sachets. We use compostable tea bag, BPA-free, and perfect for tea infusions. At Accura, we do not use any artificial flavours in our teas.

    We offer a wide range of green tea blends as well as straight-up organic green tea. Our tea products are with no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, colorants, or such, and are not irradiated.

  • Natural Flavours
  • Organic tea is getting popular among tea lovers nowadays as they become aware of its health and environmental benefits. There is an incredible variety in terms of flavours and types of tea and coffee products produced and harvested in the Western Ghats.

    Our Natural and Organic tea products includes Siddhi Stevia Tea, Siddhi Fenugreek Coffee, Siddhi Galanga Tea and Coffee, Siddhi Green Coffee and more. When tea leaves are left in their full, natural form, they do not dry out. Since the leaves do not dry out, they hold onto their essential oils and give the tea more flavour and aroma when brewed. As you taste these, you can feel the refreshment of our natural flavour in your home.

  • Top class products
  • We source our products directly from the tea farmers, which means we get these from the best source. Due to their decades of expertise at the plantation, it's only the best leaf that reaches our tea packet and refreshes your home with earthy flavours. Since 1988, we've been proud to offer our customers high-quality teas—that's our commitment and our mission. We adhere to several policies to ensure our tea is of the finest and purest quality.

  • Helping hand for the farmers
  • Workers at the tea plantation have a long history of humiliation and atrocity. When bringing the best tea products directly from the farmers, we also fulfil our responsibility towards this section of the society. Our mission is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in developing countries, offering customers ethical choices. Every delicious cup helps transform poor communities that depend on their tea and coffee to feed their families

Tea-making process shared by Accura, the wholesale tea and coffee suppliers in India, Kerala

For anyone visiting the Western Ghats, a trip to the tea museum is a priority. Witnessing the tea leaves swirl through machines to get packed and then sipping on a hot cup of the same tea is nothing less than euphoria. Accura brings you a brief of how you get yourself the luxurious sip of tea from the Western Ghats:

  • Fresh flush of two young leaves and the bud are plucked during spring and summer
  • Leaves are steamed until they turn olive in colour
  • Olive green leaves are rolled into tabular shapes breaking the enzymes and proving the unique taste
  • Tea clumps are then dried either in ovens or on the pan


Tea is a quintessential part of every Indian's day. However, if you want to enjoy fresh tea right from the evergreen tea plantations in Western Ghats, Accura tea and coffee exporters is what you seek. Our range offers superior quality, organic edibles including spices, tea and coffee. All our products are 100% organic with Organic certifications. Our products are grown in an absolutely pesticide-free environment. Promising freshness in aroma and taste, Accura tea refreshes you like nothing.

Contact us for the best tea, coffee and spices to enjoy the unadulterated that fits your pockets and meets your convenience.

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