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Galanga, the Wonder Root

Galanga is the single most powerful herb in the world with the ability to heal and potentially prevent eight different types of Cancer. It is the fTl0St striking anti-cancer agent ever discovered, according to a massive, and continually growing, body of scientific researches. Known as Thai Ginger or Blue Ginger, Galangal is native to Indonesia and is an integral part of cuisine in the Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, China and Malaysia. Galanga is widely used as a herb in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The plant is much similar to ginger but the flavor of galangal, with its strong and earthly, sharp and citrusy nature, sets it apart from ginger.

How does it kill cancer?

Imagine, Cancer has two long arms. With one, it damages and with the other it spreads from one organ to another. Galanga is one of the law extraordinarily rare agents with the ability to heal cancer affected ceIIs without damaging the Cells surrounding it and at the same time, curb the cancerous cells from affecting healthy cells. That is, it can literally sever both arms of Cancer, leaving it powerless.

The W0nders of Galanga does not end there. Galanga is primarily a champion at healing inflammation in general and of specific nature. As result, the oldest and most common use of Galanga has been t0 heal digestive and abdominal ailments, rheumatism and arthritis. The same anti-inflammatory property of Galanga has now been proven to protect the brain from larger diseases like dementia, Alchemies syndrome and other age- related cognitive disabilities.

Galanga enhances blood circulati0n and removes toxins from the body. Galanga's heat makes it a good agent to ease cramps and numbness. It lowers cholesterol and blood lipid and also has positive influence on respiratory Organs and heart. The anti-0Xidants in Galanga rejuvenates the suppleness of the skin, preventing free radical from harming it.

The Spice of Life. A natural stimulant. Galanga can uplift your spirits, revive your health and bring a positive change in your life. Invite the boon boom in the depths of the Earth. It is a spice that deserves a constant place in your everyday cuisine. Begin your day with a refreshing hot cup to Siddhi Galanga Tea. With every sip, feel the goodness flowing through your veins, pr0tecting your body and enriching your spirits.

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