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Our Company History

Accura was founded in 1988.when it was first started in a small health food unit. Now our brand company ACCURA with a long standing tradition of more than 30 years. Our company is one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Tea, and Spices .Accura has a vision of marketing poison free,chemicals free and believable edible products .

Our Mission

The hills of Kerala, God's own country, possess the best tea, coffee, spices, and other food products. Yet when they reach the kitchens, there is an added blend of preservatives to soil the natural taste. Accura, the leading organic tea and coffee exporters source these products directly from the farm and keep the products off preservatives and other artificial additives, presenting the best-in-class, chemical-free, tea, coffee and spices. We support and promote small scale farmers and plantations, where we get the purest products from. Our zealous transport network allows a seamless ferry for the world to smack on nature's best tea, coffee, and spice blend.


Our Vision

Being the wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of tea and spices, we derive our products directly from the plantation. We lock these flavours without a trace of chemicals or preservatives for our customers to relish on the natural taste. We envisage reaching the remotest corner of the globe to deliver natural, chemical-free tea, coffee and spices. Our vision is to replace the poison-laden spices and drinks with naturally-sourced, chemical-free products high on taste and nutrition.


Presenting 100% natural, flavour-laden tea, coffee and aromatic spices sourced directly from the plantations. We guarantee you collect the supreme quality products from us.

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